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Give akpeteshie, water to children during naming ceremony - Lutterodt

Controversial marriage and relationship coach, counselor Lutterodt has posited that Ghanaians should go back to outdooring a baby with akpeteshie and water.

He made this statement during an interview with Kofi Adomah Nwanwani on Kofi TV, monitored by www.ghanaweb.com.

According to counselor Lutterodt, the use of honey in place of alcohol during the naming ceremony of infants is the main reason for the rampant ‘stupidity’ in the country.

“In the olden days, when a baby is to be named after being born, the index finger is dipped in water and alcohol and placed in the baby’s mouth. Both signify purity. Today, they use honey and water. That is why there is so much stupidity in this country”, he argued.

He also added that the use of alcohol and water during the ceremony is to signify purity, thus the replacement of akpeteshie with honey distorts the baby’s understanding of truth and lie.

“God willing, we will go back to the original, that every newborn baby will be given akpeteshie and water during its naming ceremony. So that you can distinguish between the truth and the lie. Honey and water do not have the same colour. That is why there is so much foolishness in this country”, he added.

“If you dip alcohol into a baby’s mouth, it helps the baby. It enables the baby to know that this is the truth and this is a lie because alcohol is pure and water is pure. So let us stop using the honey and rather use water and alcohol”, the counselor advised.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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