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Give mission schools back to churches – MP to government

The Member of Parliament for Banda in the Bono Region, Ahmed Ibrahim has called on the government to allow missions manage schools owned by them.

According to Ahmed Ibrahim, giving back schools to missions would inculcate discipline in the students.

He made the appeal after donating some quantity of blocks to some churches in the Banda Constituency.

He also noted that the teaching of Religious and Moral Education must be strengthened.

“Moving forward, what we should do is that we must restore all the mission schools back into the missions and make sure every church and every mission trains their children according to their religion. All the mission schools that belong to the Catholics, Moslems and Presbyterians, should be given back to them by government so that they will inculcate into the children a God-fearing attitude,” he said.

“Also, Religious and Moral Education must be incorporated seriously into our curriculum. Other than that, I see no future for children who are without morals and ethics. We are what we are because those things were inculcated in us at infancy and that is why we are treading cautiously,” he added.

Recent arguments

Religious organisations have oftentimes called on the government to return mission schools to them to manage and supervise.

The Catholic Church has been at the forefront of the call on the state to return the schools to religious bodies.

In 2014, the Christian Council of Ghana said its members were in a position to better sustain schools established by some of the churches in the country and called on the government to release all schools belonging to some of its members to them.

Some of the schools include Wesley Girls, Presbyterian Boys’ School and Adisadel College.

Also, in 2016, the Chairman of the National Peace Council, the Most. Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante called for proper partnership between government and religious bodies towards the management of mission schools.

Source: citinewsroom.com
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