Give us a unifier as DCE, Sarah Pobee is a failure – Ada Residents plead to Akufo-Addo

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Mon, 2 Aug 2021 Source: Collins Owusu, Contributor

Traditional authorities, opinion leaders, youth and members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Ada have renounced the re-appointment of Ms. Sarah Dugbakie Pobee as the District Chief Executive Officer of Ada East District Assembly.

According to them, the NPP risks losing the Ada seat if the President makes the mistake of appointing ‘disrespectful’ Sarah Dugbakie Pobee as DCE.

“The party must forget Ada if the President appoints ‘disrespectful’ Sarah Dugbakie Pobee as DCE,” they indicated.

Presenting the demands, Traditional leaders, opinion leaders, youth and members of the NPP in an official letter to the President, indicated that Sarah Dugbakie Pobee has no regard for traditional leadership as she abuses political power by involving herself in chieftaincy issues in Ada.

According to them, the people of Ada are not happy with her leadership style and are tired of her using invincible forces to always beat and assault Assembly members.

“She openly fights people even at marketplaces. The NPP votes made in the 2020 Parliamentary and Presidential as against 2016 speaks for itself. The NDC raised its votes from 17,000 in 2016 to over 27.000 in 2020. Sarah is killing the NPP in Ada. Her behaviour has created so much tension in town,” they stated.

They have also accused her of bringing a sharp drop in the membership of the party whilst the NPP has every opportunity to turn Ada round for the NPP.

“Sarah lost the Parliamentary elections disgracefully as NPP candidate and seating DCE; she had lost even in her own polling station. She lost where she voted. “

The group of residents making the petition to the President also mentioned that the NPP couldn't win at even one polling station in Ada under the watch of Sarah as DCE and that as the Parliamentary Candidate and District Chief Executive she performed abysmally to the disaffection of all.

They lamented that the NPP in the constituency is destroyed and that Sarah Dugbakie Pobee is a disgrace and the cause of all the woes of the party in the constituency.

According to them, the DCE Sarah Dugbakie Pobee has created huge division within the constituency executives and has no respect for the Council of Elders, patrons and the disciplinary committee of the party.

They have therefore called on the President to give them a unifier to prepare the party well for the coming elections so as to help in breaking the eight (8) as planned by the great NPP.

According to them the NPP risks never ever winning the Ada Constituency if the President ever makes the mistake of re-nominating the Sarah Dugbakie Pobee.

Source: Collins Owusu, Contributor