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GoG/FIFA meetings: Government causing financial loss – Sports Consultant

An International Sports Consultant, Mr. Farouk Al Wahab says the government delegation meeting with world football governing body, FIFA today at its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland over discussions to avert a possible ban and the future of Ghana Football will come to nought.

Al Wahab has said the Government of Ghana needed to take a long, hard look at its approach and back down on its intransigent position regarding the dissolution of the Ghana Football Association.

“We cannot sit down and the government will disgrace itself and the country.The delegation in Swiss will come back with the same instruction and it is about time the government will eat the humble pie. The government is only feeling big to say I’m sorry, I got my approach wrong and I had wrong advice. This is the third of such trips they are embarking on and they are causing financial loss to the state because they’re incurring cost; their hotel bills, per diem and all others in a fruitless venture.” he told host Kwaku Owusu Adjei on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa 102.5 FM.

The future of Ghana Football is actually on the cusp following a 10-day ultimatum issued by FIFA to government on Monday to discontinue its petition to have the GFA dissolved, or face a ban from football. In FIFA’s view, the move constitutes “government interference”


But in a response, government of Ghana has called for further engagements with FIFA to arrive at a mutually beneficial decision on Ghana Football.

A Government of Ghana delegation is billed for a crunch meeting with the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA), today Thursday, August 16, in Zurich, Switzerland, over the supposed ban of Ghana, from football related activities.

In the view of Al Wahab, the Government has underestimated FIFA’s instruction to reinstate the FA and may have no meaningful achievement with its direction.

According to him, if government fails to reverse the liquidation issues in respect of the FA, it’ll be difficult to reach a middle-ground with FIFA and the wayforward.

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