Government officials conniving with criminals to sell lands belonging to the people of Osu – Nii Kwao II alleges

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Mon, 30 May 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Govt shared money for the sale of Nigerian High Commission land with criminals, Kwao alleges

Osu has not gotten a penny from the sale of Nigerian High Commission land

'It's a scam; Owoo family does not exist in Osu' - Nii Kwao II

The head of the Nii Oboi Kwao Family in Osu, Nii Odoi Kwao II, has alleged that some government officials are scheming with criminals to sell lands belonging to the people of Osu.

According to him, a recent example is the sale of the Nigerian High Commission land, where funds from the sale of the land were shared among government officials and these criminals.

Speaking in an XYZ TV interview monitored by GhanaWeb, Nii Kwao II added that after sharing the money with the "rogues", the government officials then went on to prepare documents to legitimize the sale of the land.

"Recently, Osu's money that had to be paid by Nigerian High Commission, certain rogues went with the assistance of some lawyers, to collect the money.

"They have shared the money. When it happens like that, the government officials, officers of the ministry, and all that, they take part of the monies and the real people (don't get any part of it), that money has been shared; it has finished, and Osu cannot even boast of a bottle of water to show (as compensation for the Nigerian High Commission land).

"When the right people go, they do not give it (money) to them, but when the criminals go, then they give it to them and then put it on paper that they have paid," he said.

Also, Nii Odoi Kwao II, who said he is a member of the Osu Stool, described as a "scam" any individual claiming to be a member of the Owoo family demanding portions of the Achimota Forest land.

According to Nii Kwao II, there is no such family name existing within the Osu Traditional Area.

He added that if the government wants to release portions of the Achimota Forest lands to allodial owners, then it should be the people of Osu and not the supposed Owoo family.

Watch Nii Kwao II's interview below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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