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Government's attempt to defend press freedom ranking a sign of unrepentance – Adib Saani

Adib Saani23131.jpeg Security Analyst, Adib Saani

Fri, 6 May 2022 Source:

Saani says government's explanation for the drop in freedom index defies logic

Arrest of journalists, closure of media houses behind Ghana’s poor performance – Adib

Ghana dropped places in World Freedom Index due to change in methodology - Government

Security Analyst Adib Saani has said that the government’s attempts to defend Ghana’s drop in the latest World Press Freedom Index is an indication that it has not accepted and regretted its role in the poor ranking.

According to Adib, the reason for Ghana’s poor performance is mainly because of the government’s actions and inactions concerning recent happenings in the media space in the country.

The security analyst, who is also the executive director of the Jatikay Centre for Human Security and Peace Building, said that he is surprised by attempts by the government to shift blame for Ghana’s poor performance.

“It is not surprising we performed so abysmally in the latest press freedom ranking because the attacks on the press in recent times is clear for all to know. The closure of radio stations and arrests and treatment of critical voices certainly is an affront to press freedom.

“For the Minister of Information to therefore posit that the performance is as a result of changes in the indicators is completely warped logic. Did the change affect only Ghana? Has the number of countries indexed changed? This can only mean one thing, the government has not changed and (is) not willing to,” a statement Adib shared which was sighted by GhanaWeb read.

Also, Adib said that persons including himself who have dared to criticise the government have been subjected to all forms of victimisation.

He added that he always gets calls from loved ones who are concerned about his safety anytime he criticises the government because they have realised that the government is not tolerant of other views.

Adib Saani made these comments reacting to a press statement issued by the Ministry of Information in response to Ghana’s performance on the 2022 World Press Freedom Index.

The ministry largely explained that Ghana dropped places because of the change in methodology used in the computation of the index.

Ghana ranked 60th out of 180 countries in the 2022 World Press Freedom index. This shows that Ghana has dropped 30 places in the world from its previous 30th position, and it also fell by six places from its previous third position in Africa.

The report indicated that for journalists to protect their jobs and security, they mostly resort to self-censorship, as the government is intolerant of criticism.

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