General News Thu, 23 Mar 2017

Government will inaugurate ‘sanitation police’ - Adda

Sanitation and Water Resources Minister Joseph Kofi Adda has disclosed government will inaugurate ‘sanitation police’ to help deal with filth in the country.

According to him, the Ministry has trained about 4,500 sanitation engineers who will soon hit the streets to ensure a cleanliness in the cities.

Speaking with Class News, Mr Adda said the initiative, which is expected to create jobs for the youth, will commence after the approval of the ministry’s budget for the year.

“They are around, they are here, it’s just that they were not given the attention they needed… I think we need to reactivate that very rigorously and give them all the logistics they need and revisit the by-laws to ensure that it’s in consonance with modern day conditions…so that if we can amend them and strengthen them we also enforce them to be able to go in and work,” he stated.

“We are also looking at things close to us like the ‘sanitation police’, something more enhanced than just the guards and if that happens, we might even boost their morale. We‘ll be rebranding the whole core of people who will be in that area [but] first we have to get our budget through and once the budget is through, we get into the consultation. We’ll need to structure it and it might take a couple of months to at least get them in there.”

The Minister, however, disclosed that his ministry has “at least about 4500 well trained sanitation engineers or technicians whom we can get immediately and refocus their attention and brand them and then bring in many other young men and women and give them jobs in that regard”.
Source: peacefmonline.com