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Government wrong to dissolve GFA - Randy Abbey

Former Communications Director for the Ghana Football Association and club administrator for Division One League side Hearts of Lions, Randy Abbey has also added his voice to those calling on the government not to dissolve the Ghana Football Association.

Government is taking steps to dissolve the Football Association following a recent documentary premiered by Tiger Eye PI and investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, which revealed corruption in Ghana football.

The recent exposé had led to the government banning all football-related activities in the country, as well as taking steps, in collaboration with FIFA, to restructure football in the country.

This process has not gone down well with most football administrators and club owners in the country, especially regarding the move to dissolve the FA, as well as government’s failure to involve them in the process of restructuring the football system.


After the 10-day ban on all football activities elapsed last Friday, lawyers of the Ghana Football Association have vowed to challenge the government on the move to dissolve the FA.

Speaking on News File on Joy News, Randy Abbey described government’s intention to dissolve the FA as wrong. He said “the government is wrong with the move to dissolve the FA. There was no need to form any IMC without consultation with FIFA”.

He also supported the move by the FA lawyers to challenge government in court over the decision to liquidate the FA.

“I support the defence filed by the FA to contest the Attorney-General in court 100%. How can you dissolve the FA? How can you do football in this country without the football people? Are you also going to dissolve all the clubs in the country? No, the government should sit down with the clubs and restructure everything again.”

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