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Graduation party for Dr. Ed Awah

He came from Ghana to live with his father, Dr. John Acquaye-Awah, in the USA at the tender age of 7. He longed for food and other childhood items that were not typically found in his native country of Ghana.

He crashed his first car into a ditch. The father sent him back to an orphanage in Ghana, where there was no electricity or pipe borne water to “toughen” him for the journey of life!

These were the life stories of young Dr. Ed Awah recounted by his father, Dr. John Acquaye-Awah at a party held to celebrate the achievements of his son. For African children who emigrated from Africa at such a young age, balancing two identities – both African and black American – can be an immense challenge.

Young Dr. Ed Christian Awah gracefully surmounted all these challenges and graduated successfully as a medical doctor this year. Family and friends were on hand to celebrate his unique achievement at the Ruffled Feathers Golf Club, Lamont Illinois. Dr. Ed. Awah thanked the audience, especially, his family, for the support he received during the years he was in school.

His father, Dr. John Acquaye-Awah, urged him to remember his roots when he said “whatever you have is not for you alone, make sure people back home benefit from you; you have to share what you have with the people back home”.

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