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Greedy leaders and external forces are the causes of Africa’s problem - Lydia Forson

Poor leadership in Africa hinders the development of the continent, Lydia Forson

Lydia Forson speaks against the construction of National Cathedral

Quit exploiting citizens’ allegiance to religion to advance political gains, Lydia Forson to the govt

Ghanaian actress and social activist, Lydia Forson, has blamed greedy African leaders and their foreign sponsors for Africa’s many woes.

According to the actress, the African continent has the required technocrats and resources to be capable of managing its own affairs.

However, the continent continues to retrogress due to the greed of African leaders and the support they get from external forces that benefit from the destruction of Africa.

“We ( black people) are very capable of managing our own affairs, we’re intelligent, innovative and so much more. We just have greedy leaders, whose greed is enabled by powers who benefit from our disfunction,” Lydia Forson’s post on Twitter read.

Lydia Forson has been vociferous against corruption in government and has been on the neck of the government to implement policies that would improve the living conditions and standards of living for the ordinary Ghanaian.

The actress was recently in the news for lashing out at the government for exploiting the religious beliefs of Ghanaians to advance their political interest.

The actress explained that God is everywhere; He resides in everyone and must be worshipped with wisdom.

As such, building a stationed cathedral for Him is not a necessity in having a relationship with Him.

According to her, the government is using the knowledge and allegiance of many Ghanaians to God to politicize the issue of the National Cathedral and take advantage of Ghanaians.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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