Growing profitability of crime could get worse – Kwesi Aning warns

Kwesi Aning  Analyst Prof Kwesi Aning is worried about the growing rate of crime in the country

Wed, 1 Sep 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

• Robbery cases have been on the rise in the country

• Prof Kwesi Aning says crime could become a lucrative business that will threaten peace

• A British journalist was killed recently in the country by armed robbers

Crime has become a very profitable venture as more and more people are engaging in it, Prof. Kwesi Aning, a security analyst has stated.

He explained that if care is not taken, the crime sector could grow more and more, endangering the overall peace of this country, reports citinewsroom.com.

“We are unwilling and unprepared to deal with those who commit crime, especially if they are connected to power. Crime has become such a profitable venture in this country. Violence has become a currency with which those who are more violent have a much higher stand in society. We are going to see more of these.

“How often have we complained about small arms in the country? It won’t change naturally. I’m talking about spiritual crime, we need to have a conversation on spirituality and politics, spirituality and the economy, and spirituality and social hierarchy,” he said.

Recent reports show that crime is on the rise in the country, with data from the Statistics Research and Monitoring Unit (SRMU) of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service indicating that, between January and June this year, there have been 306 murder cases.

The most recent case has been the killing of a journalist with London-based MTA International on the Tamale-Buipe highway by armed robbers.

The police have since arrested some suspects, a statement from the Service has said.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com