Gyampo takes on 'childish' Fair Wages Commission over UTAG, Gov’t negotiation claims

Professor Ransford Gyampo Prof. Ransford Gyampo

Sun, 6 Mar 2022 Source: mynewsgh.com

General Secretary for the University of Ghana chapter of the University Teachers Association (UG-UTAG) Prof. Ransford Gyampo has asked the people of Ghana and members of UTAG to disregard a statement from the Fair Wages Commission suggesting a successful conclusion to the negotiations between the Government and the leadership of UTAG.

According to Gyampo as he is affectionately called, the statement from Fair Wages Commission creates the impression that all is well is childish.

He indicated that “Some decisions were taken at the two-day meeting. These were to be communicated and explained to members. Following such explanations and communications, members, though unhappy, have made very important suggestions and contributions that ought to be factored and incorporated into the decisions taken before they can be signed and released as agreements reached”

Adding that “The very important suggestions of our members are yet to be escalated to the NEC of UTAG and to the government’s side. So why this politically childish move to rush to create the impression that all is well?”

Ransford Gyampo after monitoring reactions to the release said “If the intention was to leak this fake release just to test our pulse, then our members have responded. I have monitored their comments. It is not over until it is over”.

Source: mynewsgh.com