Has God told you his rent is due? - Kumchacha blasts churches in support of National Cathedral

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Mon, 4 Jul 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Kumchacha says God does not need a National Cathedral

‘All pastors in support of the National Cathedral have been paid off’, says Kumchacha

Building a national cathedral within 2 years is not feasible, Kumchacha opines

Controversial Ghanaian preacher, Prophet Kumchacha has questioned the rationale behind the massive support of churches and pastors for the construction of a National Cathedral.

According to the popular televangelist, it is ungodly and hypocritical for churches and pastors to throw their weight behind government’s decision to build a National Cathedral when Ghanaians are struggling with economic hardships and most social facilities in the country are in a poor state.

“How can we spend over $200 million on building a National Cathedral when Ghanaians are hungry and living in bad conditions? Look at how bad the Kumasi-Accra road is. How can we build a National Cathedral when most units at Korle-Bu, 37 Military Hospital and the Komfo Anokye Hospital need beds and medicines? How can we build a church when people are sleeping on the bare floor in hospitals because there are no beds? How can we do that? Has God told anyone His rent is due?” Prophet Kumchacha quizzed pastors and churches in an exclusive interview on Kofi TV.

Prophet Kumchacha accused pastors backing the construction of the National Cathedral of selling their voice and conscience to politicians.

He said, “All the pastors in support of the cathedral have been fed and paid to blindly support the agender of imposing the national cathedral on Christians and Ghanaians, and if you complain against it as a pastor, they refer to you as the antichrist.”

The famous prophet added that Ghana does not need a National Cathedral because there are already numerous churches in the country. He also questioned the feasibility of building a National Cathedral in a period of two years.

“How many churches do we have in Ghana? Don’t we have Presby, Methodist and the Catholic churches in Ghana? I don’t want to even talk about charismatic churches. We have Jehovah’s Witnesses, Assemblies of God, Latter-Day Saints, Action Chapel, Light House and a whole lot. You can’t count the number of churches in Ghana. So what do we need a cathedral for? And can we even build that cathedral in just two years? Let’s be truthful,” he added.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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