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Have a victorious attitude towards life ‘for it is finished’ – Christians told

Christians have been urged to change their mentality towards life by taking advantages of the full benefits of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

A pastor with the Church of Pentecost, Rev. DSP Moses Animah told the congregation at Pentecost International Worship Center at Kaneshie in Accra, Christians must have a victorious attitude.

In his Easter message Thursday, he explained, this is as a result of the finished work of Jesus Christ captured in his final words on the cross, ‘it is finished’.

Those words recorded in John 19:28, 30 is rendered, “tetelestai" in the Greek, a word that has inspired many Christian songs.

Explaining the Greek understanding of the word, the pastor of the Mt. Zion Worship Center, a branch of the church at Kwashieman Official Town, said the word is in the perfect tense. This tense signifies a past action, the effect of which continues into the present and to the future.

Telestai means “it has been completed and is still complete”, he told a youthful congregation.

He said the word which was uttered by Christ in a loud voice as recorded in Matthew 27:50 has a military connation of victory in battle.

He explained the content of the victory to mean victory over the power of sin, curse, disease and death.

Jesus, he said, was telling the Father that “my obedience is finished and perfect”

Through that obedience, Jesus has finished removing the wrath of God from man and has also “finished striking Satan with a death blow.”

“Now you and I are fighting at the point of victory…you are a winner….it doesn’t matter the opposition,” he charged.

The life of a Christian should therefore be anchored in this knowledge that no matter what the believer encounters in life, the outcome has already been decided.

”When you get to a dry ground, it will turn into a fertile ground, when you get to desert, it will become fruitful. So things that people reject, when you carry it, you will become fruitful”, he explained the blessings of Abraham made available to believers everywhere through faith in Jesus Christ.

The pastor explained, the benefits of the completed works of Jesus Christ is available to everyone who accepts him as his Lord and Saviour

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