Heartless, insensitive to choose your leave over tidal waves victims - Apaak hits Akufo-Addo

Dr Apaak On Govt Clement Apaak is MP for Builsa South Constituency

Mon, 15 Nov 2021 Source: rainbowradioonline.com

The Member of Parliament for Builsa South, Clement Apaak, has taken a swipe at President Akufo-Addo for embarking on leave when residents in Keta have been hit by tidal waves.

He said the President has not shown any concern despite the damages the incident had caused affected victims.

He said if the President had any form of empathy, he would not have embarked on a leave when people were in crisis.

He further slammed the President for not commenting on the matter but was quick to extend condolence to other parts of the world when similar incidents occur.

The MP made the remarks after former President John Dramani Mahama had donated some items to the affected victims of the tidal waves.

According to him, the victims of the tidal wave disaster in the Volta region expressed joy on the arrival of JM not just because of his impressive donation (more than what the state has given to the people via the ill funded NADMO) but, also because he took time to visit and commensurate with them (see video).

He said “Ideally Ghanaians expected NADAA, the man who has sworn an oath to protect all Ghanaian citizens, and also controls the public purse, to have personally visited the disaster area to see the situation for himself, to see the plight of victims first hand.

But guess what, NADAA has started his vacation (13/11/21). Yet when we say NADAA is insensitive, has no empathy, and doesn’t care about the welfare of Ghanaians we are said to be overly critical.

If you were President would you be comfortable taking your vacation when tidal waves have rendered thousands of citizens traumatised, homeless, and without food? I doubt you will be that uncaring,'” he indicated.

He added: “By the way, like many Ghanaians, I also find it strange that NADAA seems averse to publicly commensurating with Ghanaians who suffer tragedy and or misfortune, but finds time to publicly commensurate with victims of misfortune and tragedy in other parts of the world.”

The 2020 flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) donated 10,000 items to support the victims.

The items are 3000 Mattresses, 1000 rice bags, 2000 pieces of canned fish, 2000 pieces of canned tomatoes, and 2000 litres of cooking oil.

Source: rainbowradioonline.com
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