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How Duncan-Williams saved Congo's president on the day of inauguration

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams with President Felix Tshisekedi of Congo

Sat, 6 Nov 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

• Congo’s current president fell ill during his inauguration in 2019

• Archbishop Duncan-Williams prayed with the man before he won the elections

• The preacher took a private jet to Congo to ensure he was at the inauguration, as instructed by God

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has narrated 'behind the scenes' circumstances that led to how the president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Felix Tshisekedi, was able to return from a spiritual attack during his inauguration ceremony into office.

According to him, obedience to the voice of God enabled him to avert what could have been the end of the new president.

Tshisekedi, is the son of Congo's longtime opposition leader and leads the opposition UDPS party.

His inauguration marked the first peaceful transfer of power in Congo's over six decades of history as an independent nation.

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams explained, during a video clip of a church event sighted by GhanaWeb on Facebook, that he had earlier prayed with the president ahead of the elections, assuring him of his success.

“Somewhere in October last year, the president of DRC – the new president of Congo, came to see me in Ghana for prayers. He wasn’t president then; he was in opposition. And when he came, the Lord said, ‘Lift up your sword over him before the church and settle the battle by the sword of the Lord.’

“And then He said, ‘Anoint him with oil as President of DRC,’ and I did all that. And people said to me, ‘Papa, it can’t happen. It’s too complicated. President Kabila is not handing over power to anybody, and not to this guy.’ And God blew the mind of the world, and the guy became president,” he said.

He continued that true to his words, the man was elected president but God’s assignment for him was not done.

“Then when he became president, the Lord said, 'you have to be there'. Then I said, ‘From Ghana to Congo is too complicated,’ but the Lord said, ‘You have to be there.’ So, I called a friend of mine and I said I need a private jet, so he arranged a private jet because if I go with the private jet, it’s just 2 hours, 30 minutes, if I go with a passenger jet, it would take about 8 hours. So, I got a jet and I flew in there, spent some time with him before the inauguration,” he said.

The preacher explained how along the way, he nearly got frustrated by one of the protocol members at the inauguration ceremony who kept coming to him to tell him he was in the wrong chair until his wife assured him that it was the devil trying to frustrate him from his assignment.

“Then on the inauguration day, I went in, and I was sitting in the front with my wife with all these presidents from different countries. Then someone from protocol came to see me and said, ‘You can’t sit here. This is reserved for the president of a certain country.’ And I said, ‘The new president gave instructions for me to be seated here so go ask him who I am.’

“And I said number two, ‘When that president comes, find him another place to sit; I am here on assignment.’ He came back the second time and I said, don’t come back the third time. So, I said to my wife, ‘If he comes back again, let’s go to the hotel, call the captain, get out of here and check out – fly back. I prayed with him last night, we are good, my assignment is over. And Rosa said, I' don’t think your assignment is over. I think you need to be here, and the devil is trying to provoke you. So, don’t be provoked'. So, he didn’t come back again,” he said.

Archbishop Duncan-Williams then explained how, during the president’s address, he suddenly fainted and was being rushed into an ambulance when God reminded him of why he was there in the country at that time.

“Then I heard somebody behind me, and he said, ‘Papa! Papa! Do something.” Then I was looking at the security all over the place with AK47, with pistols standing around. How am I going to go against all this protocol to go to where the man is to do something.

“And then the Lord said, ‘Son, this is a window. If you miss it, they’ll take him into the ambulance, and if he gets into the ambulance, that is it. So, you [got] to forget about yourself and break the protocol and do something now'.

“So, I broke protocol and I started moving. And the men with the guns, they all looked at me, nobody did anything. They [don’t] know who I am, what’s going on and then I saw the wife also following me and then we went in there. And then when we got there, I can’t speak French, he speaks French and I couldn’t speak French so I started speaking in tongues – the language of the spirit, and I took dominion and I took command the enemy that whatever this agenda is, it backfire right now,” he narrated.


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Source: www.ghanaweb.com