How Strongman won a beef without a diss song

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Tue, 16 Aug 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

‘Beef’, an industry word for a feud or lyrical war has over the years divided opinions. For some persons, the decision by rappers to fight over supremacy is a bane because unsavoury comments are spewed in the quest to poohpooh the prowess and credibility of an opponent.

The narrative is different for some others who are of the view that there are no rules for lyrical war so far as it does not degenerate into a physical assault.

Several positive arguments have been made for the need for beefs with an increase in audience appeal and commercial value being the topmost reasons.

For beefs to be ‘tasty’, it requires two or more parties and both sides must actively be involved lest it dies. A reply, if punchy, fan to flame the controversy.

From Obrafour vs Lord Kenya, Exdoe vs Chicago, Yaa Pono vs Shatta Wale, Samini vs Shatta Wale, Sarkodie vs M.anifest, Strongman vs Medikal, Sista Afia vs Eno alongside Freda Rhymz, and even highlife musicians Daddy Lumba vs Nana Acheampong, the music space has enjoyed some heated beefs which injected some fun in the industry.

After Amerado’s beef with Lyrical Joe which saw four diss songs from each of the rappers, Cabum, a Kumasi-based rapper took the baton targeting Strongman with the release of a song titled ‘Fvck Strongman’.

Among others, Cabum claimed supremacy daring Strongman to respond to him if he so believes in his prowess. He described Strongman as a traitor, nonentity, imposter and a ‘weak’ rapper who is the direct opposite of his name.

It is unclear what triggered the diss song but Cabum made reference to Strongman’s statement in which the latter dared whoever is not scared of him to mention his name in their diss songs and face his wrath.

Cabum, who had earlier told broadcaster, Abeiku Santana that he would not diss Strongman but will not hesitate to hit back should Strongman diss him, backtracked and threw the first punch awaiting a reply.

Even before anticipation for Strongman to respond began, Cabum’s ‘Fvck Strongman’ had low ratings from the public. Some were appalled by the graphic thumbnail for the song shared on YouTube while others were unimpressed with his lyricism. The war song was not strong enough to hit a Strongman!

Some after passing judgement on the song mentioned that Strongman should not waste his time replying Cabum – for they expected better from a rapper who prides himself on being a lyrical monster.

In what appeared to be a response to the diss song and suggestions he should save his breath, Strongman shared pictures of himself on social media with the caption: “Not every action demands response, some need pictures.”

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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