How a taxi driver’s wife’s advice turned around the fortunes of their family

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Sat, 14 May 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Wife of ‘honest taxi driver’ speaks

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Trader in tears after taxi driver returned GH¢8,000 she left in his car

Francisca Ackon, the beautiful wife of the famous taxi driver, who earned the admiration of many by returning a whopping GHC8,000 cedis found in his taxi, has narrated her side of the story.

Wallowing in poverty for a period of eight years, the typical ‘adamic human nature’ wouldn’t have resorted to returning such a huge amount of money in exchange for a ‘God bless you’.

Kwesi Ackon’s kind gesture has gone viral on social media and attracted commendation and rewards, from scores of individuals including the Vice president, Mahamudu Bawumia.

Mr. Ackon had narrated on several platforms that his success story was borne out of his decision to return an amount of money that fell from a passenger (a fishmonger) he transported from Mallam Atta Market to Teshie.

He has countlessly emphasized during several interviews that his first instinct was to track down the woman and return the money to her since she was the last passenger he picked.

But it appears that the first thing ‘confused Ackon’ did after spotting the money was to hurry home and seek his wife’s counsel.

“My husband told me he found this amount of money in the car and asked what to do with it,” Francisca, the wife of the taxi driver said.

“I asked, do you want to squander it and remain guilty for the rest of your life or you will return it in exchange for God’s eternal blessings? My husband stood silent for a while and agreed to return the money,” she added.

Narrating the full story on KofiTV, the taxi driver’s wife said;

“He went to work one day on Easter Saturday and he was holding a stack of notes in his car. It was an apron with money in it. He said he picked a fish seller to Teshie. I counted the money and it was GH8,000 cedis. He asked what we should do and I asked him to return the money. The woman gave him money to fill his tank and also gave him some fish. We returned the money and moved on with our lives. Now, look what God has done.”

She also narrated the story of how they met seven years ago.

“I am Mrs. Francisca Ackon. I am Mr. Akwesi Ackon’s wife. We have been married for the past seven to eight years. When I met my husband, he was a Methodist. He was working as a machine operator at Letab pharmaceuticals. He wasn’t financially stable but I stood my grounds and married him because I knew that one day, things will take a good turn. He quit the job over there and ventured into the taxi business. Things were not easy. Things were extremely hard. We lived in a family house and sometimes he is unable to leave house-keeping money behind when he goes to work. Ever since he started the taxi business, things have been difficult. I’m also a seamstress but business isn’t going on well. Life was hard but we were forcing for our kids.”

Francisca however expressed gratitude to everyone who has offered a hand of support to them since the story of her husband’s gesture went viral.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com