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How an internship earned this Ghanaian woman her role as Chief of Staff at Microsoft Canada

In the field of work, internships play a key role in nurturing one’s capacity to gain experience in hopes of earning meaningful employment.

From learning the ins and out of the job, taking on key tasks, all through to proving yourself to become eligible for that job position, internships in their very own way serve as the trial period before one can be employed.

A young Ghanaian woman named Abigail Amoakoa Okyere has joined a host of others whose internship roles have earned them great recognition and elevated their status.

According to details captured by a blog post on edwardasare.com, Abigail has been rewarded with a role to serve as Chief of Staff at Microsoft Canada, a reputable global technology company.

Her rise to the position began in May 2021 after she served as an intern at Microsoft Canada as a Customer Success Account Manager while she underwent her postgraduate studies.

After almost a year as an intern, the company rewarded her with the role of Chief of Staff which is a huge leap from her intern status.

Abigail Okyere who shared the news on her LinkedIn page wrote; “I am beyond thrilled to be joining Microsoft to help drive change, implement strategies and above all, contribute to empowering individuals and organisations as a member of the Cloud Security Engineering division.”

She is a graduate of the University of Ghana with a BSc. in Administration specializing in Accounting.

Following her undergrad studies, Abigail worked in various capacities in some companies in Ghana.

In January 2021, she left Ghana to pursue her Masters degree at the University of British Columbia in Canada.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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