How to win your share of one million Ghana Cedis as 1759 celebrates 1957

Guiness 1m Every time you drink Guinness, you are celebrating Ghana

Fri, 8 Mar 2019 Source: Phoebe Pappoe

Ghana's favourite beverage, Guiness Foreign Extra Stout (FES) is giving Ghanaians an opportunity to win a share of GHS1 million cash with the launch of its 2019 national consumer promotion dubbed “1759 Celebrates 1957”.

The GHS1 million in cash is a share of the GHS 2.5 million total value for the promotion which includes 620,000 free bottles of Guinness as the nation celebrates 62 years of independence and GHS 500,000 worth of airtime.

Here’s all the information you need to know to win your share!

• The campaign took effect from March 1 and ends on June 30th.

• Look out for the limited edition bold Guinness FES nationwide, look under the crown, and text the code to 1759 to stand the chance to be one of the 88,000 weekly winners.

• Guinness will also reward one (1) lucky consumer per month with GHS5,000

• There are 620 000 free Guinness bottles up for grabs so any consumer who gets a crown that says free drink underneath, should simply hand it over to the bar staff and they will be rewarded with a free Guinness.

• Guinness designed a special limited edition celebratory label which shows 62 icons and landmarks that truly celebrate what is means to be Ghanaian

This is the third year Guinness is celebrating Ghana’s Independence, with a tailor made campaign for the Ghanaian audience. From the creation of a limited edition bottle to giving Ghanaians a chance to win their own piece of Ghana in 2018 (in terms of a plot of land), Guinness celebrates the Ghanaian and believes in the independence of Ghana.

So for every time you drink Guinness, you are celebrating Ghana’s independence.

Source: Phoebe Pappoe