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Hundreds of herdsmen, cattle from Agogo invade Nsuta

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The operations of the police-military team in Agogo has forced hundreds of cattle and herdsmen to relocate and settle in the Sekyere Central District.

The presence of the cattle and herdsmen means farmlands are under siege as security in the area is threatened.

Jeduako, Asare Nkwanta Number One and Two Bonkwaemu, Esereso, Ntrodo, Nkodua-Aframso among others have been invaded by the herdsmen and their cattle.

Nsuta District Police Commander, DSP Charles Atuah says the police in the district are overwhelmed by the presence of the herdsmen and their cattle.

Mr. Atuah who has been leading police operations in areas such as Asare Nkwanta and Jeduako says police are overstretched.

"It has gotten a serious impact or serious effect on us because as they are pushing out of Agogo, most of them [herdsmen] are gearing towards our area here which most of them are going to stay here and I think it is going to be a very difficult task for us."


He and his men took cover in a Hollywood movie style as the cattle run towards the direction of the police and media team, after one herdsman believed to be from Nigeria, issued an instruction to the cattle.

Some of them have built camps made out of straw and grass fitted with nylon mats

"Looking at the cattle that were commanded to come towards our direction, we took cover. We have to take cover for us o know the direction that they were going so that we can be able to pursue them," he explained.

DSP Atuah admits the police find it difficult flushing out the herdsmen and cattle from the area.


"I have to be frank. It is very, very difficult because they [herdsmen] are in the bush, hiding and we are walking getting to where we have information that they are operating. If you happen to be there, they can shoot and attack you," he said.

According to DSP Atuah, the police are logistically constrained to flush out the cattle who have started feeding on residents' food crops such as maize and rice.

He wants the Operation Cowleg team to extend its operations to the area.

"We are pleading with the authorities to extend their [police-military] operation to this end so that we would be able to get them out of the region and all of us would be free."

Source: Myjoyonline.com
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