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Hundreds take over the streets on day 2 of Arise Ghana protests - All the photos from the grounds

Various individuals thronged the El-Wak Sports Stadium on Wednesday morning to join protests

Wed, 29 Jun 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Hundreds of protestors have taken to the streets to participate in the ongoing Arise Ghana protests.

Clad in red and black attires with placards bearing different messages about challenges and hardships facing the country, the crowd moved from the converging point - El-Wak towards the Finance Ministry and subsequently, parliament.

Day 1 of the Arise Ghana demonstration did not go as planned, at least when it comes to Ghana’s reputation as a beacon of democracy in Africa and the world.

The demonstration on Monday, June 29, turned into a riot with police officers and protesters clashing over a disagreement over the route to take for the demonstration.

The police and the organisers of the demonstration, through press releases and conferences, have blamed each other for the violence seen during the demonstration.

The police have even indicated that they will arrest the organisers of the demonstration for the destruction caused to national properties, but the organisers are adamant, saying they will not be intimidated by the actions of the police.

Most Ghanaians expect this tension to be carried into the second and final day of the Arise Ghana demonstration.

However, pictures from reporters of GhanaWeb on the ground show the police and the protestors cordially interacting.

There are also reports of some protesters being arrested by the police for carrying a weapon.

View all the interesting pictures from Day 2 of the Arise Ghana demo:

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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