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I am a very comedic person – Barker-Vormawor

Barker Vormawor Oliver Mawuse.jfif Oliver Barker-Vormawor, one of the conveners of the #FixTheCountry campaign

Sat, 21 May 2022 Source:

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#FixTheCountry convener, Oliver Barker-Vormawor, has stated that he is a very comedic person and that he grew up loving two main comedians.

The two, he said, were Konkonsa, a social commentator on Radio Gold and the self-acclaimed King of Comedy, Kweku Sintim Misa.

Speaking on why he loved both personalities, he cited how they employed comedy in speaking truth to power and having political takes.

“I am a very comedic person as well. If you are following me on my socials, I always have a humourous take on something. (For the Konkonsa programme) It is irony it is satire. The politics, the comedy, it had everything…

In his May 20 interview on Radio Gold, the activist – lawyer said he had wanted to do journalism growing up with the view that it would allow him the platform to speak his mind on major issues.

“KSM was Konkonsa in a different way because he was having political takes in a funny and comedic way, so maybe I thought I wanted to be a standup comedian.

“Then there was Kweku Baako, I absolutely love Kweku Baako. I remember when Kweku Baako was journalist of the year, Rawlings was livid and I loved it as a kid.

“The idea of limitations to power and being able to satire power and how power is used and the limits of it and exploring that, that is where I have always felt comfortable and there is no better place than journalism,” he stressed.

Barker Vormawor’s Facebook post threatening a coup over the E-Levy earlier this year earned him a treason felony charge. He was earlier this week arrested for road traffic offences and was released on bail after appearing in court.

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