I am challenging your mentor to a drug test – Sally Mann fires McBrown fans

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Tue, 6 Jun 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Controversial entertainment pundit, Sally Mann, has chastised individuals linking her feisty personality to the influence of drugs.

Sally Mann, while reacting to the aftermath of what has been described by many as "unsavory" comments about Nana Ama McBrown, said she had encountered all sorts of attacks on her personality, but the claim that she abuses drugs is what she finds interesting.

Furiously reacting to the ‘drug addict’ tag that has been bestowed on her by fans of the actress she earlier criticized, Sally called for a public drug test to prove who is cleaner.

Sally Mann, who insinuated that the actress she has been chastising is rather the drug addict has called for a drug contest in any of the big hospitals in the country.

To her, people would be amazed that their mentor who is calmer and soft-spoken in nature would rather be the one carrying drugs in her veins.

“Someone sent me a video of a woman saying that after smoking and sniffing drugs, I come online and say trash. That actress they follow, I am throwing a challenge that we should all be taken to Korle Bu, 37 Military Hospital and Ridge Hospital. A public drug test should be organized for us and let’s see who has traces of drug in her blood. I don’t do drugs, I am sane. But I can never say same for the person they are following. If they want us to take a national drug test, I am up for it. Do you think it is only people who have a wild personality that does drugs?” she fumed during a discussion on Power FM.

Sally Mann added, most of her submissions on people are based on the fact that she has had the opportunity to encounter them.

“The people that they follow are ordinary to me. They are like human beings. How they see the person isn’t how I see them. Some of these fans haven’t had the opportunity to sit with them but I have.”

Sally Mann attacked over comments on Nana Ama McBrown

Earlier in a viral video, Sally Mann was captured throwing rants at McBrown while describing her as a hypocrite and also shaming her for giving birth through an IVF procedure.

The controversial entertainment pundit’s ‘infamous’ comments were in response to why she appears to be constantly attacking McBrown.

“I think most of the things she does are hypocritical. Most of the things that she does, and I’ll leave it at that. Zion, when I said something about you sometime ago, you came out to speak about it and I liked that. When I talk about some people, they will never express their opinion about it. They will act like they are cool even when they see you and that’s hypocritical.

"Nana Ama is one of such people. She is a hypocrite. I met her after my earlier comments about her. I met her somewhere and she said she doesn’t have any problem with me and I told her that’s exactly what I don’t like about her. Whatever I said, she should have an opinion about it,” some of her statements during an interview with Zionfelix read.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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