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I don’t understand why Bagbin refused to release Sosu to Police – Ambrose Dery

Ambrose Dery is Minister for Interior

Wed, 3 Nov 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

• Speaker Bagbin should have released Madina MP to police for questioning

• This is the view of Interior Minister Ambrose Dery

• He cautions that Parliament should not act in ways that suggest it is above the law

Member of Parliament for Nandom Constituency, Ambrose Dery, has stated that he is at a loss as to why Parliament refused to release his colleague MP for Madina to the Police for interrogation.

According to Dery, he believes that releasing Francis-Xavier Sosu to the Police should have been a straightforward matter and the Speaker should have been assured that by so doing, nothing untoward will happen to the lawmaker.

Dery, who is also the Minister for Interior, spoke in an interview with Joy News on Tuesday, November 2, 2021: “If the police request that the speaker, the Right Honourable Speaker to release the Member of Parliament, I thought that it was a straightforward matter to release the Member of Parliament and to be assured that there is nothing untoward that was going to happen to him. I don’t understand that decision.”

He cautioned that the lawmaking chamber must not through its actions position its members as persons who were above the law.

“Parliament should not through its decisions and actions, make those decisions capable of an interpretation to either make MPs come across as above the law or to either make us condone the breach,” he added.

His view is at variance with that of the Speaker, who in an official communication to the Police last week stated that he could not avail the MP to them for questioning. The Police Criminal Investigations Department had written a letter seeking that leave because of the Parliamentary privileges of the MP.

Sosu, a week ago, led a protest in parts of his constituency against the bad nature of their roads. Police say a series of public disturbances resulted hence their decision to invite him for interrogation.

The MP declined the invitation on basis of privileges he enjoyed but the Police reportedly attempted a second arrest last Sunday at the MP’s Church. They deny that officers had gone specifically to arrest the MP.

Police have also said they might seek Supreme Court interpretation on Constitutional provisions relating to privileges of MPs relative to arrest.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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