I have a problem when users of cannabis are tagged as criminals - Yaa Pono

Yaa Pono.png?fit=585%2C378&ssl=1 Solomon Anduh Asare popularly known as Yaa Pono

Fri, 7 Aug 2020 Source: happyghana.com

Recently it was announced that Cannabis has been legalized for medicinal and research purposes of which a lot of celebrities have commented on.

Solomon Anduh Asare popularly known as Yaa Pono has added his voice to the lot. Yaa Pono was on Takoradi’s number one late afternoon show, Dryve Of Your Lyfe to promote his new single 1997.

During the interview, the host Nana Quasi-Wusu (PM) asked him how he felt when he heard that Cannabis had been legalised for medicinal and research Purposes?

He said he did not have a problem with the legalisation but rather the fact that people who use the herb are seen as criminals because seeing the development of Ghana, its very slow as compared to other countries who have legalised it and have so many companies working hard to make money out of it. He also added that the moment you get raw material you need profit, you need machinery, and also be able to invest in it.

Speaking on his new single '1997' which he released a couple of weeks ago that took us back to the way Daddy Lumba and ‘co’ used to do it. Some entertainment analysts have come out to give their views on the song, and most of them say they feel the progression and the melody sounds more like a song by Daddy Lumba.

Replying to this be said, "I would like to be straight, it’s a burger Highlife song and I’m not going to say I’m doing it hip life way or I’m giving it a new name. I did exactly what I wanted to do like how the originators of that genre did it. And it is exclusive".

He went ahead to show respect and applause to the pace setters of burger highlife. He also said the production was originally not sampled. Pono quizzed, “How can you produce HipHop with Reggae Beat?”.

1997 by Yaa Pono is out everywhere, listen and share your view.

Source: happyghana.com
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