General News Thu, 23 Sep 2021

I have never been jailed – Hijrah TV CEO fights back misrepresented media claims

• Ahmed Razak Toure was dragged to court in 2019 by his 3rd wife for assault

• Ruling was given on September 15, 2021

• Razak’s lawyer has clarified the details of the case as wrongly captured in the media

Dr Ahmed Razak Toure, a media personality who was dragged to court by his ex-wife over assault claims in 2019, has offered clearer details into what happened, as against the news making the rounds, and creating the impression that he has been jailed.

In 2019, GhanaWeb published a story about the incident, sourced from dailiyguideafrica.com, with the headline, “Radio presenter inflicts injuries on wife.”

Offering the clarification on behalf of her client, Rebecca Darku, who is the lawyer, explained that even after the case has been determined certain individuals are misrepresenting the true details in the public, with the intention of maligning her client.

She explained, in a phone interview with GhanaWeb, that the claims being pushed through some other media outlets that her client, Toure, has been sentenced to six months imprisonment, is completely false and should be disregarded.

On September 15, 2021, the Kwabenya Circuit Court in Accra ruled on the matter, asking Abdul Razak Toure who had changed his not guilty plea to guilty, to compensate his ex-wife, the complainant, with 500 penalty units, being GH¢6000 in accordance with section 148 of Act 30.

In a document made available to GhanaWeb, Mal-Titi Habibah Munkaila, the ex-wife, confirmed receipt of the said payment to her, only a day after the court ruling. “I Mal-Titi Habibah Munkaila acknowledge receipt of the sum of GH¢6000.00 from Abdul Razak Toure on the 16\Sept\2021 being the compensation awarded by the court on 15\Sept\2021,” she wrote, signing against it.

Court ruling

On Wednesday, September 15, 2021, the court, presided over by Ms Ellen Lordina Serwaa Mireku, ruled that the accused had cooperated with the court and for which reason it had been lenient in its ruling.

The judge asked that the matter is settled out of court after her ruling.

“After taking the plea of mitigation of counsel for accused into consideration, for not wasting the court’s time, for being a first offender and the fact parties have children between them, the accused person is sentenced to pay a fine of 100 penalty unit or in default 6 months imprisonment I.H.L. He is also to sign a bond to be of good behaviour for a period of 3 years or in default 2 years imprisonment in hard labour (IHL),” the judgment of the court said.

Lawyer’s account

Speaking with GhanaWeb, Rebecca Darku expressed shock and disappointment in what she said is a malicious attempt by her client’s ex-wife to tarnish his name and his image, all because she is bitter.

She explained that, as the court had concluded on, her client, Abdul Razak Toure had always made an attempt to settle this matter amicably but Mal-Titi never wanted to meet them halfway.

“Changing the plea from not guilty to guilty did not just start that day. We started the trial and when my client indicated that ‘she’s still my ex-wife, I have children with her. The lie, the truth, whatever is mixed up in there, I think I want to take the fall and let it end there so that the family can go on because the matter has been there too long,’” his lawyer said.

She explained further how, from that unfortunate incident, the complainant had been making outrageous claims of her client, pushing further and further for the court to settle their case when they suggested that they did all that in private.

“She has been demanding a whole lot of outrageous things: property should be willed to her and her children – property that she didn’t build, and when the husband could not meet those demands, she decided to do what she’s doing,” she said.

Abdul Razak Toure

Abdul Razak Toure, who is the CEO of Hijrah TV, an Islamic channel on satellite in Ghana, has since apologized to his ex-wife, insisting that her accounts of the brutalities are massaged to make his side of the story appear like an untruth.

As he said, “It was an unfortunate domestic incident that escalated and it is not even as exaggerated as my wife makes it look. Truth is we wouldn’t have pleaded guilty for the sake of the togetherness of the family, I just made the matter end because if the matter had dragged on from 2019, it would have unsettled a lot of things,” Razak Toure told GhanaWeb.

He has also denied reports that he has been sentenced to six months imprisonment by the Dome Kwabenya Circuit Court in Accra, or that he has absconded to Nigeria.

“The claim that he has been jailed is completely false, and must be treated with the contempt it deserves,” he said.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com