I heard His voice clearly – Late Justice Marful-Sau’s testimony of God’s existence

Marful 1.png Justice Samuel Marful-Sau wrote a piece titled 'As a judge, I have evidence that God is real'

Wed, 11 Aug 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

If there was one thing that became clear in the latter years of the late Supreme Court judge, Samuel Kofi Marful-Sau, then it was the fact that he believed in the existence of God.

This is evidenced by a writeup of the late justice on news.dennislawgh.com, titled, 'As a judge, I have evidence that God is real,' and sighted by GhanaWeb.

In this writeup, which are snippets of an earlier publication, Justice Marful-Sau spoke about some challenges of his early years.

“I am a judge of the Court of Appeal by the grace of God. When I look back on where I have come from, I have no doubt that it’s only the hand of God that has brought me this far.

“I was born out of sin because my parents were not married. My mother was still in school and she had to stop schooling and my father disowned the pregnancy. I grew up in a village, Assin Adubiase, in the Central Region and came to Accra when my uncle came for me,” he wrote.

He also spoke about another daunting period in his life when his faith in God was activated, resulting in a miracle he never expected.

He described how he also escaped a bad association of friends, cementing his relationship with God.

“I joined a firm of lawyers and we were doing well. I got married to a very supportive wife who introduced me to Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship but unfortunately, I backslided. I joined a group of friends and we called ourselves 'The Coppers'. We had a lot of fun in very ungodly ways.

“One day, however, God spoke to me. It was my birthday and God asked me what I was doing for him. I didn’t know God but I heard his voice clearly. I woke up, cried and prayed. I confessed my sins to God and promised to serve him. I cancelled all my plans with The Coppers for the day and this began a new chapter in my life.

“I started going to church with my wife at Ridge Church. My relationship with God grew. One day, our daughter was sick and something in me said to pray for her. So, I prayed for her. Much to my astonishment, she was healed. I was surprised and I must say that it spurred me on to study the Bible the more and grow in the Lord,” he wrote.

Other details of this testimony can be seen in the photos below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com