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I intended to plead guilty with explanation – Oliver-Barker reveals plans he made before arrest

#FixTheCountry convener, Oliver Barker-Vormawor

Sun, 20 Mar 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

I knew government was preparing to arrest me before I returned to Ghana, Barker-Vormawor

I readied myself mentally before coming to Ghana, #FixTheCountry convener

#FixTheCountry convener charged with Treason Felony

#FixTheCountry convener, Oliver Barker-Vormawor has revealed that he had intended to plead ‘guilty with the explanation’ if he appeared before a judge, to answer to whatever charge he would be given before his arrest.

According to him, this plan was at the time he was on a flight to Ghana as he knew the police had planned to arrest him on his arrival from London at the Kotoka International Airport over his Facebook post.

“You see before I stepped onto the Flight to Ghana, I knew that this Government was preparing to arrest me. I did not know how long my detention would be once arrested; or what treatment I will be subjected to. I readied myself mentally,” he shared on Facebook

Oliver Barker-Vormawor who has been charged with treason felony over a coup post on Facebook said, while on the plane, he typed out what he would tell the judge and sent it to a friend before he landed in Ghana on February 11, 2022.

“In the flight, I decided to rewatch my favourite movie, “V for Vendetta”. To ready my mind and remind myself that no matter how long it takes, freedom prevails over tyranny. I decided there and then that if ever I am produced before a judge, to answer to whatever charge. I will first plead “guilty with an explanation”. Under our laws, if a person pleads guilty with an explanation, and the explanation he or she gives is inconsistent with his plea of guilty, the judge is required to record a plea of ‘’not guilty’,” he added.

He further shared details of what he had planned to tell the judge after pleading ‘guilty with explanation’.


“I have come before you Judge, believing and where belief fails me, hoping that in as much as corruption and moral decay pervades the soul of our now lost democracy, some remnants of justice still live within these walls. I have sought for that justice in your eyes, as I have watched you attentively. I have long s for that justice in that wig you wear with discomfort even though it’s mere presence in this Republic is a reminder of a brutal violence that our forebears fought against. I have searched for that justice in the cloak you wear in a temperature that shouldn’t admit it.

“My Lord, something is wrong with this Country. Our Democracy and all that we consider dear about it is at the edge of being lost. In its place, we have now a system that knows no morals. A system that watches little children starve while the naked emperor rides in luxury jets,” he wrote.

Below is his full post on Facebook

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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