I'm a change agent - Counselor Lutterodt replies critics

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Fri, 24 Feb 2017 Source: ghanacreativearts.com

Pastor and Counselor, Rev. George Lutterodt has described himself as a change agent who is in Ghana to bring change to relationships in Ghana.

The controversial counsellor, whom a group of social media communicators are advocating for the public to sign a petition to have him taken off air due to his style of counselling, said anyone who disagrees with him probably doesn’t think critically about his statements.

“God has brought me as a change agent. I am not controversial. When you think I’m controversial, whatever I say – give me 24 hours and think about it critically and you will realize that I’m making sense” he said proudly.

Speaking in a video interview with Ghanacreativearts.com, editor Nii Attractive (Mustapha Inusah) he said that Jesus Christ was never hailed but after his death, many people are now calling him the saviour.

Again, he added that he will not die or go off air before people call him a saviour – but he will be a life to bring change to relationships.

Meanwhile, Counselor Lutterodt has offered an advice on the ideal way to react should you walk-in on a cheating partner.

What to do when you walk in on a cheating partner

Source: ghanacreativearts.com
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