I regret not acquiring any skill - UK-based Ghanaian

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Thu, 28 Oct 2021 Source: SVTV Africa

A UK-based Ghanaian, Kwame Marfo has revealed that he regrets attending secondary school (SHS) instead of a technical school because such people earn much more abroad.

Speaking on ‘Daily Hustle in the UK’ on SVTV Africa, Kwame indicated that most often Ghanaian parents make career choices for their children even when the child wants something else. He believes that it is wrong.

“During my time, our parents decided what career to choose and if Ghanaians are watching please stop. It is wrong. I wanted to attend a technical school but my family convinced me to attend secondary school but I regret it,” he told host DJ Nyaami.

Kwame added that he regretted it, even more, when he travelled to Italy and realized that skillful workers earned more. As a result, he learned to become a welder.

Presently, Kwame lives in Leeds with his family. He mentioned that they had to relocate because of job availability and education for his children.

“There are jobs in Italy but they are not as much as London. Also as Ghanaians, we speak English and we needed to bring the children to an English speaking country for thier education,” he added.

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Source: SVTV Africa