I slept in police cells for 3 days because of pizza - Uber driver shares worst experience

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Wed, 6 Jul 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Police arrest Uber driver

Uber driver gives statement to police over passenger he picked

Passenger gifts Uber driver coupons for pizza

A former Uber driver has narrated how he slept in a police station for three days and two nights because of a harmless gift he received from a client he once picked up.

Describing it as his worst experience driving, Oklay (who is also a musician) said after he and the rider had a nice time chatting during their ride, the gentleman decided to hand him over some pizza coupons.

He added that the gentleman told him he could redeem his coupon at any time from any of the branches of the pizza company, and then they parted ways.

Speaking with SVTV’s DJ Nyaami, Oklay said things immediately escalated for him when he decided to go and redeem that pizza coupon.

“I picked someone from a pizza joint, and we had a nice chat until I dropped him off at his destination at Nanakrom. He then gave me a coupon that he said I could use for pizza at any of their branches. So, I went to a branch, and handed over the coupon. They asked me to wait, and then close to about 40 minutes, I asked why my pizza wasn’t in yet.

“They then told me that with the coupons, they are treated specially and so I should be patient. I was still there when the manager walked out to come look at me and then he went back into his office. In 30 minutes, the police showed up,” he said.

Oklay then explained that, being confused about everything that was happening, he insisted that he wanted to know what his offense was when the police decided to whisk him away.

After failed attempts, he said he followed them, and it was only when he got to the police station that the picture became clearer to him why he had been arrested.

“The manager then walked out again and pointed at me to the police that I was the one. The police then said I should follow them. I asked what my offense was but they insisted, so even though I was puzzled, I just followed them. At the police station, they asked me who gave me the coupon. I told them I was an Uber driver and a client I picked up was just nice to me and gave it to me. It was a Saturday, so they told me they would keep me in the cells until the week started.

“It was at the station that he found out that the gentleman was actually a former employee who, before leaving the company, stole coupons and cash belonging to them, and so they had been looking for him for so long.

“I took the police to the spot at which I dropped him off at Nanakrom. We described the guy to the people there, but they said they did not know him. I was in the police station from Saturday night, Sunday, and then on Monday, after we returned from going to look for him, they took me back to write a statement, and then I was let go,” he explained.

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