Sports News Thu, 29 Jul 2021

I’ve gained an international appointment after losing GBA elections - Manly-Spain

Henry-Manly Spain, former First Vice President of Ghana Boxing Authority, has secured an international appointment in boxing.

He has been appointed as the Vice President of West Africa Boxing Authority (WABA) in Finance.

Speaking to Rainbow Sport’ Isaac Wallace, Mr. Henry-Manly Spain said his appointment came through after he lost the GBA elections last week Thursday.

” Yes, what you heard is true, I have been shocked to a higher position, and these days, I can’t talk for Ghana Boxing Authority(GBA) but rather talk for an international body; that is West Africa Boxing Authority(WABA). I have been appointed the Vice President of WABA in Finance,” he said.

He stated that although he has been appointed to an international body, that wouldn’t change his nationality, and I do have a responsibility to help Ghanaian Boxers.

“The fact I am a Ghanaian, and I do have to study the Boxers we have in my country. I would also encourage those boxers who perform well and support them to earn a place on the international stage. I know that is my responsibility as a leader,” he stated.

He added that although he lost the GBA election to Mr. Abraham Klotey NeeQuaye and the stakeholder voted for Him, whatever it is he has been elected. Let us all support him(Mr. Abraham NeeQuaye) and allow him to operate. Let’s all wait to see what best he can do or prove for the authority,” he added.

Mr. Spain further stated that he(Spain) losing to Mr. Abraham won’t affect their relationship when it comes to their cooperation.

” I don’t have a problem in dealing with people. As long as he(Mr. Abraham) is going to put his foot down and produce good boxers here in Ghana and support them as I would have done, there wouldn’t be any problem,” he stated.

Mr. Henry-Manly Spain concluded that although he lost the GBA election on Thursday, an offer came from WABA on Sunday. I thank all the delegates and God for such an opportunity.
Source: rainbownradioonline.com