General News Tue, 3 Aug 2021

I was promiscuous, assaulted my wife and got jailed – Prisoner narrates

Kwadwo Samuel a man imprisoned for six months for beating his wife has confessed to having beaten his baby mama over complaints of promiscuity.

According to him, his baby mama has detected that he has plans of leaving her for another woman and has since taken an attacking posture towards him.

He said on one afternoon when he visited her, she had left one of their two children at home and was away. So he later met her when he decided to step out and in outrage, he picked a stone which he threw at his baby mama causing her bodily injuries.

He was arrested and incarcerated for six months.

But speaking to Crime Check Foundation, Samuel indicated that he no more loves the woman he has children with and has plans of taking his children from her and leaving her.

“My baby mama is a stubborn woman and I have always wanted to leave her. My plan was to be with her till my children are of age then I can do away with her and go in for another woman. She has come to meet me with this other woman and has since then taken an attacking posture towards me. I sleep with her anytime I go to her place but I had plans to leave her,” he told crime check foundation.

Kwadwo Samuel who confessed to being a womanizer revealed that even with his small finances, he is able to attract the best of women everywhere he goes.

“Because of the work I do, the woman love me and always want to be with me. I’ve slept with thirty women since I started womanizing and with all these women, I do not use protection when I’m sleeping with them,” he said.

When asked whether he did not fear been infected with HIV/AIDS Samuel who seem unperturbed said he does not sleep with just anyone but is careful in selecting women he sleeps with.
Source: mynewsgh.com