IGP said ‘make sure it is not illegal’ – Kofi Bentil 'explains' prophecy directive

Kofi Bentil IMANI Ghana 2 2.png Kofi Bentil is a lawyer and Vice President of Imani Africa

Wed, 12 Jan 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Plice issues doom prophecy directive

Prominent men of God challenge the remit of the police

Lawyer Kofi Bentil backs Police directive

Kofi Bentil, Vice President of Imani Africa has reacted to recent pronouncements by some Men of God suggesting that the Ghana Police Service had banned prophecies.

According to him, the directive by the Police was that whatever prophecies were made needed to be legal.

He stated in a Facebook post that potentially illegal prophecies were not from God.

The Police via a December 27, 2021 statement cautioned men of God against prophecies that could potentially create fear and panic during the 31st Watch Night and Cross Over services.

Another statement in the first week of 2022 said police were analyzing the content of some of the Prophecies and among other things, were likely to press charges if need be.

Bentil held that the actions of the police are within range. His post read: Dear Osofo, IGP hasn’t said don’t prophesy ooo. Just make sure it is not illegal!! If it’s illegal it is NOT prophecy it’s crime.

“If your problem is that your prophecy is potentially illegal then please your Bible says the Spirit of the Prophet is subject to the Prophet so exercise order!! For God is not the author of confusion !! You cannot have a problem with caution to do what’s right!!” he concluded.

One of the most recent top clerics to comment on the issue of prophecies was the founder of Perez Chapel, Bishop Charles Agyinasare, who cautioned the Police against meddling in spiritual affairs tasking them to rather concentrate resources on dealing with pressing challenges.

Delivering his sermon on Sunday, January 9, 2021, he said if care was not taken, the Police will begin dictating what men of God should preach.

“On the 6th of January the police sent a communique…they said the police is analysing the prophecies of the various churches. We want to thank God for the Police and for protecting us during Christmas.

"It's okay for the police to caution us about prophecies that cause fear and panic, especially those that have to do with notable personalities. However, for the police to issue a statement on the 6th of January that they are analysing prophecies of the various churches…is trying to legislate prophecies,” he said.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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