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‘If school resumes today, we can’t afford our ward’s fees’ – Face shield sellers bemoan

Describing the situation as bad business, people who have invested thousands of cedis in importing face shields into the country are wallowing in debt following the decline in the price of this personal protective equipment on the market.

The Public Relations Officer of the Importers and Wholesalers Association of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Ghana, Kelvin King-Dawie, told GhanaWeb that members who shipped large quantities of the face shield in this Coronavirus era have recorded massive lose.

Describing the situation, Mr. Keng-Dawie said, “some members have had their items delivered but just thinking about their loss, they can’t clear their goods. Some imported with GH¢80,000, GH¢100,000 among others”.

Speaking to GhanaWeb in an interview, the PRO revealed that a member who is "shattered” bemoaned that, “if school resumes today, they can’t take their children to school".

Adding: “There is someone who has spent GH¢800,000.00 in importing this PPEs. The loss is heavy. A lot of people’s capital was from loan”.

In May and July, there was a mad craze for plastic face shield in the country. The product was sold as high as GH¢50.00, it was a good business that attracted individuals to invest in it. However, there was a price drop and low sales of the PPE in July, causing retailers to sell it for as low as GH¢3.00.

The PRO for the Association of PPE Ghana explained that “when the prices started falling and people begun making fun on social media, those who brought the genuine products also panicked because they thought they were going to lose their investment… they got scared and started reducing the prices”.

Currently, members of the Association have been engaged to halt the sale of the PPE until leadership finds a solution to the problem. Mr King- Dawie noted that “they have actually stopped selling, that is why you don’t see it flooded in town”.
Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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