General News Fri, 13 May 2022

If the church gets it right, Ghana will get it right – Dr. Yaw Perbi

Founder and Global CEO of The HUD Group, Dr. Yaw Perbi, has advised the church to take the lead in promoting political integrity in the country.

According to him, most public sector and government officials are Christians who can help in ensuring political integrity in the country with the right morals and standards.

From research, he disclosed that about 71% of Christians form the majority in governance in the country with most of them lacking integrity.

Speaking at a Consultative Dialogue organized by the Institute for Christian Impact (ICI), he said, “What is wrong with Ghana is the church. If the church gets it right, Ghana will get it right. Forget about the politicians, civil servants, and business people because 71% of them are in our churches. If we take care of our churches the country will be fine.”

“We have a bunch of people running for office who are not personally transformed so how do we expect them to transform the nation. Only transformed people can easily transform society”.

He lamented on how politicians mostly Christians have cheated and robbed the country whilst in governance to the detriment of the poor and weak in society.

“Imagine how Africa will change if every politician decides to give half of everything they’ve stolen to the poor and pay back those they’ve cheated”.

He added that, if the nation is not seeing this, then it means people have not really encountered Jesus Christ because one cannot encounter the Jesus of the Bible and still stay the same.
Source: happyghana.com