Integrity has been thrown to the dogs in Ghana – Wa West MP

Peter Lanchene Toobu Peter Lanchene Toobu, Wa West MP

Fri, 18 Jun 2021 Source: mynewsgh.com

Wa West Member of Parliament (MP) Peter Lanchene Toobu has observed that there are very intelligent young Ghanaians who can help in changing the fortunes of the country.

However, a great number of Ghanaians with intellect and energy to work lack honesty and have their integrity in shackles.

Wa West Member of Parliament (MP) believes that the lack of integrity is one thing that has drawn the country back several years.

“An intelligent person who has a lot of energy but does not have integrity is a poison to society. That is a smart thief because he is very intelligent, he is very energetic but he is never an honest person. So if you are recruiting people and see that somebody is not honest, forget about his level of intelligence, forget about his level of energy, forget about the skills set. He or she is a danger to your company, he or she is a danger to your country."

“Intelligent and energetic people who do not have integrity are poison to society. That is Warren Edward Buffett view and that is very true. In Africa a lot of people when you listen to them you say these are very brainy people, intelligent people, they are very energetic people they go up and down looking for support. But the truth is that in their hearts, they don’t know what it means to have integrity. They don’t know what it means to be honest…what they tell you outside is what they know inside. Your covert and overt activities must be in agreement as a man or woman of integrity.”

He noted that apart from the lack of integrity, the country itself also lacks leadership which will help transform the country.

“What is missing in Ghana is authentic leadership. Relevant leaderships. Leaders without capacity has brought us low to this level.”

Source: mynewsgh.com