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Interpol commends Ghana's role in implementation of the WAPIS programme.

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Wed, 23 Mar 2022 Source:

Gotwe says Ghana has played an active role in the implementation of WAPIS

Ghana will soon take over the operation of WAPIS – Gotwe

EU to end implementation of WAPIS in June 2022 - Gotwe

The Head of the WAPIS Programme at Interpol, Richard Gotwe, has commended Ghana for its contribution to the implementation of the West Africa Police Information System (WAPIS) Programme.

According to Gotwe, Ghana played an active role in the implementation of WAPIS which has led to an improvement in the security situation in the West African sub-Region.

The WAPIS programme which is currently being implemented by Interpol is an initiative of West African countries to promote information sharing and gathering among law enforcement agencies in the region in order to fight crimes including drug trafficking, people smuggling, human trafficking and terrorism.

Speaking at an event organised by WAPIS and the Ghana Police Service in Accra, Gotwe said, “Ghana is a pilot country and started to implement the programme in 2012 … We commend Ghana's authorities and the law enforcement bodies for their active support in the implementation of the WAPIS in Ghana and for the results so far achieved.”

He also urged the government of Ghana to prioritise the WAPIS Programme in its national security strategy because it will soon take over its operation.

“… considering that the end of the programme is expected in June 2022, so in three months, even if a discussion is ongoing with the EU for an extension, the time will arrive when Ghana Will take over the full responsibility of the system. We, therefore, encourage Ghana's authorities to keep the WAIP system as a priority of the National Security Strategy and to take steps to ensure the sustainability of the system,” he said.

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