General News Sun, 4 Feb 2018

John Boadu and others to face the wrath of river deity - Chief warns

Twafohene of Awutu Traditional area, Nai Quashie Kwaley is warning of dire consequences if a river deity invoked on the acting General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party is not revoked.

Nai Qushie says John Boadu has up to 7-days to revoke the curse invoked by aggrieved members of the party’s Awutu Senya East constituency or face the consequences.

The aggrieved members who are mainly polling station executive aspirants say they were treated unfairly by the party executives.

“Some of us have toiled, sacrificed, sponsored and sacrificed for the party since 2008. Some are indisposed because we decided to die for the party when we were in opposition.

But what do we see after the party won power? We have been dumped,” says the spokesperson of the aggrieved members.


“Nana, we cannot say anything. We know you can help us that is why we have come to you. We know you won’t let our toil be in vain. Anyone who is a part of this, kill the person!” he added.

Nai Quashie Kwaley told Adom News’ Kofi Adjei the gods will deliver their spiritual verdict within seven days.

He wants the NPP executives to immediately resolve the impasse within three days or face the wrath of the gods after seven days.

“You should not joke with the powers of the Odupong GeiKordua River deity. Its powers would be felt in just 7 days.I’m pleading with the President to order the district commander to arrest those who invoked the curse to revoke it by Monday or something bad would happen. He warned.

Source: adomonline.com