Jonshegu Anglican Primary near collapse

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Tue, 16 Nov 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Correspondence from Northern Region:

Jonshegu Anglican Primary School under the Tamale south constituency in the Northern Region is in a dire situation as the school battles numerous challenges which hamper the academic activities of the school.

The challenges include inadequate furniture for both students and teachers, lack of textbooks, lack of electricity to facilitate the teaching of ICT, and above all, the school building is in a deplorable state.

The school authorities say the primary block was built in 2015 under the GETFUND project, which was handed over to the community without a single future in it.

The authorities also said there were supposed to be two poly tanks attached to the project but unfortunately were left out after the completion of the school.

The school is currently in a deplorable state as most of the classrooms have no doors and windows locks to safeguard the place after school hours.

This has resulted in rendering the facility open to animals to use as their sleeping place and has always led to the littering of the facility with animal excreta.

The school is similarly facing a furniture deficit which has compelled most of the students to sit on the dusty floor and with some of them lying on their belies to write.

Another problem confronting the school is the lack of electricity in the school to facilitate the teaching of ICT in the school which the pupils have attested that it is affecting their study of the ICT greatly.

Mr. Inusah Tia, the PTA chairman of the school told GhanaWeb's Northern Regional Correspondent, Alidu Abdul Rashid, that the situation is a nightmare to them which the assembly and the MP of the area Hon. Haruna Idrisu is aware of but has chosen to turn a blind eye to the problem.

He noted the situation is affecting the academic activities of the school and therefore called on the government, NGOs, and philanthropists to come to their aid.

Hawa Majeed, a student of the school lamented, “We lie on our bellies to write which always leaves our uniforms dirty, so we want to appeal to the government to come and help us with tables and chairs so that we can also study and become responsible people in future."

Another student, Kudus Assibi shared that, “ currently, most of the doors and windows of our classrooms have broken, and with some completely removed leaving the classroom to all kinds of activities after school hours. So we are appealing to our authorities to fix the situation for us."

Abdul Mumeen Alhassan, similarly bemoaned that, “We are in need of tables and chairs because the absence of the furniture is compelling most of us to sit on the dusty bare floor to study which always leaves our uniforms dirty. So we are appealing to the government to come to our aid," He added.

Jonshegu Anglican primary school currently has a population of 199. 55 are from the KG whilst 144 are from the primary level.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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