June 3rd: 'I walked through Circle flood with my 8 -month pregnancy'- Survivor recounts

June 3 Fire And Flood Disaster 5 Aerial shot of the damage done in aftermath of June 3 disaster

Sat, 4 Jun 2022 Source: atinkaonline.com

A lady has recounted how she narrowly escaped the June 3rd disaster which occurred seven years ago.

On June 3, 2015, a heavy rainfall turned into a devastating fire and flood catastrophe at the GOIL Filling Station at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle.

Referred to as a ‘twin disaster’, it claimed about 152 lives and injured many.

The victims were seeking shelter at the filling station during the downpour.

Fuel leakage from an underground tank at the station mixed with the rainwater, leading to an explosion.

Seven years on, it appears the spot continues to experience floods when it rains.

Narrating her ordeal on Atinka TV‘s morning show, Ghana Nie with Co-host, Nana Owoahene Acheampong, the Lady, who gave her name as Akos, said she went to Circle to purchase bowls and by the time she was done, it had started raining.

Upon reaching the fuel station near Vienna City, she said the whole place had flooded and she decided to take shelter at the filing station since it was still heavily raining.

Although she stood at the filling station for sometime, she decided to walk through the flood with her eight -month pregnancy.

Akos said she then walked through the flood which looked more dangerous to get to Awudome Cemetery where she got a public transport home.

However, she said just when she sat in the minibus, she heard that there was an explosion and fire at the filing station where she had just left.

“If I had stayed a little longer at the Filing Station, I would have died. I gave birth to a girl and she will be 7 Years in July. I really thank God for my life, We are not happy about what happened to those who were there but we are just thankful to God,” she said.

Lessons Learnt

Akos sharing her lessons learnt from the June 3rd disaster advised that, “Whenever you go out and it’s raining, walk through it and go home, because if I stood there longer it would have happened to me.”


Another Caller, who gave his name as Philemon also advised the public to learn from the June 3rd disaster, especially those who dump refuse in gutters when it rains.

“When you pour the refuse into the gutters, ask yourself where it is going to, because all these contribute to the floods,” he said.


One Caller, Ama Kyere also appealed to the government to reconstruct the roads and as well construct gutters so that when it rains, the water will find its way through the right channel.

She also urged the right Authorities to address the issue of potholes on most of the roads, especially the major roads.

Source: atinkaonline.com
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