Kaaka's ‘real’ killers to walk freely – Manasseh Azure Awuni predicts

Manasseh Azure Awuni Spl Manasseh Azure Awuni, Investigative Journalist

Thu, 8 Jul 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Manasseh Azure Awuni thinks the killers of Kaaka will walk freely

• He believes the police have not been truthful in their statements

• Kaaka's brother has been arrested in connection of his death

Manasseh Azure Awuni thinks the real killers of Ibrahim Mohammed a.k.a. Macho Kaaka, will be made to walk freely by the government and the police.

According to him, the police involved in investigating Kaaka’s murder has made the public accept a narrative which sets the agenda for government communicators and the governing party’s social media activists.

The investigative journalist said on July 6, 2021, at 6:48 a.m., he called a very senior police officer at the Ashanti Regional Police Headquarters who is involved in the management of Kaaka's murder case to seek some further clarification regarding the police statement issued as part of their investigations into Kaaka’s murder.

Per his conversations with the senior police officer, Awuni said, the public has been asked “to rely solely on the police, who had issued a warning letter to Kaaka, because of his activities. We know the police cannot always be truthful.”

He explained on his Facebook timeline that “we remember their [police] account on the killing of the Asawase seven. We also know the initial account of the police on George Floyd's murder.

To compound this further, the police here have not been able to work against the interest of any political party that is in power. And the committee's apparent blame of the journalists, instead of the soldiers who shot and killed the demonstrators, will not do us any good going forward.”

Manassah Azure Awuni added that the senior police officer told him that the police issued a statement on Kaaka’s murder based on their preliminary investigations and not to exonerate the two alleged suspects arrested together with Kaaka’s brother.

“I was about to ask why the ‘preliminary investigations’ were not good enough to include the two but the police statement sounded conclusive on Kaaka's brother.

I was also about to ask why the police relied on the eye-witness account of a woman the family said arrived later at the scene of the crime and excluded the counter account of the family in the police press statement,” he stated further in his Facebook post.

Expects of Manasseh Azure Awuni’s conversation has been transcribed below:

MANASSEH: I have seen your statement that said Kaaka was murdered by his brother.

POLICE: Yes, that's true.

MANASSEH: But from the information I have, you have three people in custody in connection with the killing of Kaaka.

POLICE: Yes, we arrested two and then arrested his brother later.

MANASSEH: Have your investigations exonerated the other two of the murder?

POLICE: No, that's why they are still on remand, pending the next court day. We haven't exonerated them.

MANASSEH: If you have arrested three suspects and have not exonerated the two, why did you single out Kaaka's brother as the murderer in your press statement?

POLICE: That is why our press statement said PRELIMINARY INVESTIGATIONS. We are still investigating and will update the public as we go along, but for now, no further comment.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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