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Kasoa Killing: Family of deceased to take drastic action

Family of the 11-year-old Ishmael Abdullah who was allegedly killed by two teens for rituals in Kasoa say they may be forced to take drastic action to drum home their disappointment at the slow pace of the trial.

Spokesperson Samed Akalilu told journalists after the Ofaakor District court adjourned for the second time in two weeks the matter involving the two teens, the family is convinced there is an attempt to deny them justice.

He said the unavailability of a judge to hear the case cannot be the reason why the family would continue to grieve over a matter that has gained national interest.

An Ofaakor District Court has for a second time in two weeks adjourned the case involving two teens alleged to have killed an 11-year-old boy for rituals in Kasoa.

The court had on May 4, 2021, directed prosecution to provide a duplicate copy of the docket on the matter to the Attorney General’s office for advice.

The court on the same day also ordered the police investigators to establish the actual ages of the two teens which had been in contention.

Police prosecutor chief inspector Ernest Agbo told the court on May 4, its investigations revealed the juvenile Felix Nyarko was sixteen years after records from various schools he had attended were reconciled.

Chief inspector Ernest Agbo also told the court, their findings indicate the second, Nicholas Kini was a couple of months older than nineteen years.

On the next adjourned date, May 19, 2021, when the case was called, the judge was unavailable.

The family of the deceased 11-year-old, told the press they are “disappointed about the snail-pace of the trial”

Spokesperson Samed Akalilu said, “we thought there would be expedited trial so the family can get justice and have some closure. But that is not happening. And we are disappointed.”

3news sources say the presiding judge his worship Samuel Adjei has resigned, necessitating the initial adjournment.

Another judge, according to sources has been re-assigned to the court and is expected to take over the matter and other cases at the Ofaakor District Court.

It is unclear why the court has adjourned the case yet again to June 16, 2021, as police prosecutors have submitted the duplicate copy of the case docket to the Attorney General’s office for advice as directed by the court.
Source: 3news.com
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