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Kasoa murder is a reflection of a society that has gone off-track – Ghana Psychological Association

The Ghana Psychological Association has described the recent Kasoa murder involving teenagers as a result of a breakdown of the Ghanaian society.

The Association believes that modern Ghanaian society seems to have abandoned the cherished values of honesty and humility as was valued in the past.

Public Relations Officer of the Association, Joy Anima Debrah, speaking in an interview on e.TV Ghana’s ‘Fact Sheet’ show with Sefa Danquah expressed: “What has happened now is a reflection or an offshoot of a society that is gone off-track. Everyone seems to have gone off track. This is the result we are reaping from the breakdown of society”.

Narrowing the conversation to the Kasoa killing by the teenagers for money rituals, she stated that very often children have societal learnings from actions of adults and mimic these actions.

“You can have people sit on media and talk about people coming to their end to get a multiplication of their money and no one seems to have any problem with it. People live affluent lives and nobody questions them then you have these children making their own judgment and ideas because it has become the way of life. You also have parents not having a hold over their children to guide them and have the same level of values as they [the parents] have”, she explained.

She charged that the media, the Government specifically the Parliament and the society correct these cracks before things get out of hand than it is now.


Two teenagers have been arrested by the police in Kasoa in the Central Region, for their alleged involvement in a murder said to be related to money rituals.

The teenage boys, 15 and 17 years respectively, are said to have lured their victim, an 11-year-old boy identified only as Ishmael, into an uncompleted building and reportedly killed him.

They are said to have hit him with an object which resulted in his instant death.

Following this incident, Ghanaians especially social media users have called on the Government to place a ban on ‘Mallams’ and other money ritualists from appearing and advertising their products on television stations and radio.

Source: Happy 98.9FM
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