Kofi Annan Centre to offer participants in Girls-in-ICT free scholarship

Collins Afari Yeboah Dr. Collins Afari Yeboah is the Chief Overseer of Kofi Annan Centre

Wed, 27 Apr 2022 Source: Justice Walker Junior

All participants in the Girls-in-ICT initiative enhanced by the Ministry of Communications and Digitalization would enjoy free courses in addition to also have access to good working environment so to broaden their education in information technology skills at the Kofi Annan Centre.

This was made known by the Chief Overseer of the facility, Dr. Collins Afari Yeboah at the opening ceremony of the 2022 ‘open day’ event which held at the Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence on April 25, 2022.

According to him, it has become necessary for the Centre to contribute to the good initiative spearheaded by the Ministry to broaden the scope of ICT education across the country for young ladies.

“Let me announce that we would be happy to arrange and work with the Ministry of Communications and Digitalization (MoCD) for you girls to take part in our courses for free and also for who intend to work here during your vacations, among other duties”, he said.

He further urged the young girls to prove their worth and correct stereotypical mindset that limits their participation and career development in the sector.

He opined that girls and women are more capable of making a difference in the IT industry when given the needed push.

He said it’s motivating to have young Ghanaian women champion the change in ensuring gender balance in the digital space adding that, the current generation has been exposed to greater opportunities to advance in the IT sector, and urged the girls to challenge themselves to make the best of it.

Experience Sharing

Juliette from the North East region sharing his experience in the Girls-in-ICT initiative said, “My experience about this Girls-in-ICT is that, it has helped us girls to boost our confidence that ICT is not for only males. The program has helped many of us to have a mind about our future career. It has shaped our confidence to a better scale of that, we can also do ICT”.

Isabella from the Western North region on her part also said, “My experience with this program is, I was afraid at the start to join but my mother’s motivation shaped me to join. I then expressed interest to my headmistress, which the process started for me. It has helped me to acquire knowledge in how to operate on the internet and do a lot of things.”

Source: Justice Walker Junior