Korle Bu to begin cochlear implant surgeries

Korle Bu Teaching Hospital Slsl2.jpeg Korle Bu Teaching Hospital

Sun, 26 Sep 2021 Source: rainbownradioonline.com

The Korle Bu Teaching Hospital is set to start Cochlear Implant Surgeries for its patients who are born with, or have developed profound hearing loss to enable them regain the ability to hear.

The programme, which will take off before the end of the year, is a collaboration between the Hospital and Med-El Medical Electronics of Austria.

At a meeting to introduce the team from the company (Med-El Electronic) to the hospital management, the Deputy Director of Medical Affairs, Dr Harry Akoto who represented the Chief Executive, expressed delight at the development.

He said the team at the ENT Department has worked hard to expand the service and commended them for the effort at introducing this new procedure.

He said this will make the service available not only for those who could afford the procedure abroad but also ordinary Ghanaians who would otherwise miss out on the benefits of the procedure.

The delegation from Med-El Medical Electronics are Mohammed Mahmoud Ahmed Ibrahim El Disouky, Development and Regional Manager and Prof Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Mehanna, Professor of Otolaryngology of Alexandra University in Egypt.

Prof Mehanna said that they were ready to support the Hospital to mainstream the procedure.

Source: rainbownradioonline.com
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