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Kumasi residents suggest punishment for Abesim murder suspect

• Some Kumasi residents have shared their preferred punishment for the Abesim murder suspect

• Some have called for a long jail term while others will prefer the death penalty

• Richard Appiah was arrested when three dead bodies and some body parts were found in his room

Few weeks ago, news broke about the arrest of a 28-year-old man suspected to have murdered at least three persons and kept their body parts in his fridge.

Richard Appiah was arrested for murdering his own 12-year-old stepbrother, Louis Agyeman Junior, and a 15-year-old Stephen Sarpong. He is also accused of murdering a third victim who is yet to be identified.

His arrest has become a topic of conversation across the country and for some residents of Kumasi, the suspect deserves severe punishment than the grievous crime he has committed.

Asked what their preferred punishment would be for the suspect, several residents shared with Oman Channel how they would want the suspect to be punished if found guilty.

Among other things, some people suggested a long jail term while others said they will be comfortable if the suspect is put away for life.

“For the crime he has committed, he needs to be put away for life. Being able to kill not just one person is something serious that deserves serious punishment,” a young man said.

There were others who also felt the crime committed by the suspect merits a punishment in equal measure and thus recommended the death penalty for the suspect.

“He does not deserve to be in prison to add to their numbers. He needs to be killed too. He can’t be kept in prison where government will have to spend taxpayers’ money to feed him. Getting rid of him will be real justice,” a respondent said.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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