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Landlord rips off tenant's roof over rent

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A landlord in the suburb of Sowutuom in Accra has ripped off the roof of a tenant for delaying rent payment for a month.

Speaking to Joy News, the tenant, Philomena Agyarko, said she and her family had gone to work when the roofs were ripped off.

“We were pleading for a period of 3 months to move [from the house]," she told Joy News.

According to Mrs Agyarko, she and her husband have lived in the house with their four kids for about six years and have always had one problem or the other with the landlord, whom she described as a difficult person.

“My husband was really sick and was admitted to the hospital for a while which prompted the late payment because most of the finances have been channelled into hospital bills,”she explained the reason the payment of rent delayed.

Mrs Agyarko said the landlord witnessed her husband’s condition, especially when her husband used crutches as a support system.

“Initially he understood the problem and agreed to wait for a while before we can give him the rent,” she added.

However, she said the landlord came back to say he was not going to wait anymore -- he wanted them out of the house even after they had raised enough money for the rent.

“He gave us an ultimatum and asked us to move in a month but we told him that [grace period] was small and requested for three months," she narrates.

“All the things in the hall have [been damaged] because of the rains and I want the law to deal with him”, Philomena Agyarko's husband has vowed to take action.

He explained that the police picked him up but he has since been granted bail.

“The police are looking for him but we have not heard anything from him or the police," added.

According to the couple they have to stay awake to clean up every time it rains to avoid flooding.

Source: Myjoyonline.com