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Let’s fight spiritually and see what will happen to you – Abass Sariki’s alleged ‘gospel singer side chick’ to Ayisha Modi

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Thu, 20 Jul 2023 Source:

Controversial gospel singer, Ohemaa Jacky, has reacted to claims that she snatched Abass Sariki from Ayisha Modi and destroyed their relationship.

In Ayisha and Abass Sariki’s heated exchange on TikTok, the former blatantly pointed out to the latter, that Ohemaa Jacky was one of his side chicks, a claim, he was unable to confirm or deny.

Also, in a viral audio to prove that she is in an amorous relationship with Abass Sariki, following his constant rebuttal that they’re not lovers, Ayisha was heard confronting Abass following a supposed ploy to ditch her for the gospel singer.

“Kamel and some other people said they have realized that I am too loud for you so they have arranged Ohemaa Jacky for you. I don’t want to see anything that belongs to Jacky on your phone. This is the woman who is notoriously known for juju. She and her pastor friends roam from one fetish priest to the other,” Ayisha stated.

Abass Sariki who did not deny having an affair with Jacky, reassured Ayisha Modi of his undying love while promising to get rid of traces of the controversial gospel singer on his phone.

“I swear by my mother and all the kids I have, and all the things I have acquired in this world. Being with another woman is the last thing I can think of right now. I have made a lot of mistakes in life and I have corrected a lot of them. Ayisha, I will love you till I die. I swear by my mother who birthed me. I will love you until the day I die. I will love you forever. I am not a useless person and I know what’s best for me and I have heard you, I will delete everything from my phone” Abass Sariki responded.

However, Ohemaa Jacky is unhappy that she has been dragged into their rift.

In reaction, Jacky has angrily stormed TikTok, asking Ayisha to focus on nursing her heartbreak rather than speaking about her.

The gospel singer said, should Ayisha keep dragging her name in the mud, she will contend with her spiritually.

“If you are on a throne, I am also on a throne, physically and spiritually. If you like, let’s fight this battle spiritually and see. I am a mad person. Absolutely mad. But I chose to remain quiet. I don’t have anything doing with Abass Sariki again. It’s all in the past and it’s been more than two years since, what do you want from me?

“The part that got me pissed was where Ayisha was mocking me that the man has slept with me and abandoned me. I was just his girlfriend and you claim to be his wife. So, it means he has had more sex with you as compared to me. If I am to spill out what I know about Ayisha, she will forcefully menstruate. I am not part of those she feeds. She should keep my name out of her mouth. I have a lot of problems I’m thinking about. If she isn’t tired of embarrassment, I am tired. If she has a broken heart, she should go look for a cure for it. She should leave me in peace,” she stated on TikTok.

Touching on Ayisha’s act of recording and circulating conversations between herself and Abass, Ohemaa Jacky said,

“I am not a fool to record a man I am in a relationship with.”


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